What Is The Podcast About?

WP-Tonic is a twice weekly podcast all about WordPress. We also talk about online marketing and new media on a regular basis. We normally choose a mixture of WordPress topics during the month that are between 30 minutes and 1 hour in length. If you would like to sponsor the podcast, you can go go here to find more information.

  • Jonathan Denwood

    Owner of WP-Tonic
    I’m a WordPress Junkie based in Carson City, Northern Nevada. I’m the kind of guy who enjoys good old fashioned face to face communication wrapped within a very technological world.
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  • John Locke

    WordPress & WooCommerce Developer
    Hi, I'm John. I help businesses with WordPress development, custom theme development, and WooCommerce theme and plugin integration.
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Why Don’t You Join Us?

On our Live WordPress expert panel show, every Saturday at 10 am to 11:30 PST on FireTalk we going to be talking about the latest weekly WordPress news and everything else in the world of WordPress, from the leading plugins and services, to help with your WordPress questions & problems. We also feature bonus content in the last third of the show.

Our Regular WordPress Expert Guest Panel!


Sallie Goetsch: from Wpfangirl.com

Morten Rand-Hendriksen: from Lynda.com

Jackie D’Elia: from Jackie D’Elia Design

David Laietta: from Dinosaur Iceberg

Kim Shivle: from Whiteglovewebtraining.com

John Locke: from Lockedowndesign

Jonathan Denwood: from WP-Tonic.com

Brian Jackson: from Woorkup

Make Sure You Never Miss A Show!

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