What’re The Podcasts About?

#1 – WP-Tonic ” This Week in WordPress & SaaS” Is a weekly interview podcast where me and my co-host Steven Sauder the joint founder of Hustlefish (a leading WordPress digital agency) interviews people from the WordPress & SaaS community, online marketing experts, plus online thought leaders.

#2 – The WP-Tonic’s “This Week in WordPress & Tech” round-table podcast is a weekly sarcastic & lively round-table panel show hosted by Jonathan Denwood Andrew Palmer which we record live on Friday mornings roughly around 8:30 am PST with a regular and special guest panel of WordPress and tech experts. We normally discuss a mixture of that week’s WordPress and online news stories. Also. If you would like to sponsor the podcast, you can go here to find more information.

Why Don’t You Join Us?

Our Live WordPress expert panel show,  is every Friday at roughly around 8:30 am PST, we talk about the latest weekly WordPress & online news stories of the week and plus everything else in the world of WordPress and online that we think is interesting from the leading plugins and services, to help with your WordPress questions & problems.

Our Regular WordPress Expert Guest Panel

Heather Renze: Heather Wilde
Sallie Goetsch: wpfangirl.com
Stephannie Hudson: focuswp.co
Tanya Quintieri: Mrs Divi
Andrew Palmer: Andrew Palmer
John Locke: LockedownSEO.com
Spencer Forman: LaunchFlows.com
Jonathan Denwood: wp-tonic.com

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