The Best WordPress Backup Plugins and Services

May 26, 2016

WordPress Backup Plugins: Free & Premium

The Best WordPress Backup Plugins And Services In 2016

Here’s a great list of the best WordPress Backup Plugins, Services 2016. It’s only when you really need to recover a WordPress powered website that you realize the true value of having a working fully recoverable backup of both the physical site and the database! We deal with backup on a daily basic connected to our managed backup services what we offer to our clients.

However, for you to have real recoverable backup security you really do need more than one backup copy. Real defense and “backup peace” comes from having multiple backups.

So, we are going to be looking at some of the leading free and premium backup plugins and services that can really help you sleep at night. Or you could decide to let us deal with all of this for you and have a look at how we make sure your WordPress website is totally backed up and protected.

Before we start talking about individual plugins we are going to give you some advice on something you’ve got to understand before you start using any free or premium solutions.

There are some elements that you really must understand connected to backup.

1 – What’s being backed up? One of the free backup solutions we are going to look at only backups the database of your WordPress website. It doesn’t backup any of the physical files or images. Why would you want to use a plugin like this? Well it can be a lot quicker to just do backup of the database daily or weekly and then only use FTP to download all the physical files on a monthly basis.

2 – Recovery. Having a backup is great but what is the recovery process like? Some of the plugins we are going to be looking at are not as straightforward as others to use and have very different recovery mythologies. We wouldn’t say that any of these plugins or services could be called “just one click and restore” situations however some are really a lot easier to use than others.

3- Live restore. Having backup is all great and nice but do you really know that it’s going to work? We at WP-Tonic set-up a live copy of the full client’s website and then we do a fully live recovery using the client’s backups to clearly get a picture of how effective these backups are in the nearest to real life situation.

4 – Your hosting provider backups. Most WordPress hosting companies do daily or weekly backups and many offer different levels of backup services where they charge extra for these additional services. What you’ve got to understand is that hosting providers are targets themselves of massive hacking attacks and sometimes these attacks are successful. So, our position is that your hosting providers should be used as one of your last recourse backups.

Now that we have looked at some of things you should understand connected to backup we are going to move into the different types of plugins and services that you can use to backup your WordPress website.

Free WordPress Plugin

BackUpWordPress: This is a great free WordPress backup plugin, however it does have some major limitations.

WordPress Backup Plugins, Services 2016

Good Points

1 – First, they have an active multi development crew who are really active in keeping the plugin up to date.

2 – They will store database and physical files of your hosting server or will email them to you.

Bad Points

1 – It doesn’t offer any really easy to use recovery system.

Duplicator: This a free and paid for plugin. The free version does do a full backup of both your database and physical files.

The Best WordPress Backup Plugins And Services In 2016

Good Points

1- Easy to make a full backup plus it makes it semi-easy to restore.

2 – They have a commercial product, which means you should get ongoing support for   the free plugin.

Bad Points (mostly with the free version)

1 – No ability to move backup off the hosting provider.

2 – Free version doesn’t give backup scheduling.

Here’s a link to the page that compares the free and pro versions.

WordPress Backup to Dropbox: This looks like a nice free backup plugin that backs up both your physical and database files. There also offer premium extensions that can give additional functionality.

Good Points

1 – Obviously by its name it backs up off your hosting server.

2 – Semi-easy to use compared to other free backup plugins.

Bad Points

1 – It’s not that clear how easy it is to use the plugin when you must do a full restore.

2 – There are some broken links on the premium extensions website.

3 – The plugin is only supported by one developer.

Premium Plugins

There really are two main players in the premium backup plugins and we will look at both of them for you.


BackupBuddy: starting price of $80 from iThemes. The websites declares that it has protected half million WordPress websites since 2010.

The Best WordPress Backup Plugins And Services In 2016

Good Points

1- iThemes is one of the leading WordPress shops in the U.S.

2 – It will do backups to a number of cloud-based services and it also has its own cloud-based service called Stash. iThemes give 1GB of free space then charge an extra $35 per year for 5GB space.

3 – It backs up almost everything in your WordPress website and the restore process is extensive and easy to use.

4 – It does fully automatic scheduled backups.

5 –It offers individual file restore and database rollback, both really nice features.

6 –   Nice staging and development abilities, which are very impressive.

Bad Points

1 – Not much apart from the price, however iThemes normally have some coupon discount going all year so you can often get a nice discount off the regular price without too much difficulty.

2 – Does not work with Multi-site.


Updraftplus free and premium versions is the other big player in the WordPress plugin backup market and like BackupBuddy offers a lot of functionality. However un-like BackupBuddy it offers a highly usable free version. Here’s a link to a table that UpdraftPlus give that compares it to all the leading free backup plugins.

The Best WordPress Backup Plugins And Services In 2016

Good points

1 – It offers fully automatic backup scheduling with similar functionality to BackupBuddy however it doesn’t seem to offer the individual file restore and database rollback abilities that BackupBuddy offers.

2 – Will backup to all the leading cloud based storage areas and also includes its own cloud-based system called UpdraftVault Storage. With the premium version you get 1 GB of free storage (the next level up is 15 GB at $70 per year).

3 – Does a full restore all the physical files and database and is pretty simple to use.

4 – Works with Multi-site.

5 – Great customer support.

6 – Works on very large websites if the hosting provider will allow it to do its job.

Bad points

1– It can have some problems with some widget areas connected to third party plugins.

4 – It doesn’t seem to offer the individual file restore and database rollback abilities that BackupBuddy offers

WordPress Backup Services

These are services where you normally have a monthly or yearly membership fee and your backup is stored in the cloud. A lot of theses services have a plugin that you install on your WordPress website. Also, with plugins like BackupBuddy and Updraftplus who are not offering cloud based storage we are seeing both areas combining.


VaultPress is one of the oldest of these cloud based backup systems and is owned by Automattic It used to be a bit expensive however recently more pricing options have been added. The Lite plan starts at $5 per month or $55 per year.

The Best WordPress Backup Plugins And Services In 2016

Good Points

1 – Powerful set of services.

2 – Monitors backup activity in real time.

3 – Easy to use restore backups automatically.

4 – Scans for malware daily.

5 – supports multisite backups.

Bad Points

1 – No backup encryption

2- The interface is not that easy to use compared to some of the other solutions.


We just love BlogVault. It has a number of really cool features and pricing options that are straightforward and easy to understand starting at $89 / year – for 1 site.The Best WordPress Backup Plugins And Services In 2016

Good Points

1 – Auto restore.

2 – Easy to use migration.

3 – Backup encryption.

4 – 30 days of backup history.

5 – Test restore features – see if your backups are okay.

6 – Supports WordPress multi-site backups.

Bad Points

1 – No scans for malware.

The good news is that you’ve got a lot of choices connected to having an effective backup and restore setup. However, that can also be bad news because the number of choices. Might bewilder you. Hopefully, we have given some quality information that will help you to make the right backup decision.

We at WP-Tonic can be a bit anal about backups so we use a mixture of Updraft plus and BlogVault for our clients.


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