Create beautiful, effective emails at half the price


Build beautiful and high-converting newsletters in minutes on our platform using Mailpoet, which is included in our subscriptions. With dozens of pre-developed templates, you can quickly create emails that build relationships with your audience. (Need a custom template? We can help.)

With our fully integrated CRM, you can create:

  • Onboarding emails to make the most of your first touchpoint.
  • Nurture emails to build authority and continue growing your relationship.
  • Sales emails that inspire your subscribers to take action.
Email & Newsletters


Or, if you want a totally customized look, we can help you design an entire collection of emails that align perfectly with the tailor-made marketing funnels we have created for you.

Once Mailpoet is linked with FluentCRM, we can then send all of the following types of email sequences and many more:

Onboarding Emails

On-boarding is the first crucial email that a potential client will receive from you, and it sets the tone for the entire sequence.  We will give it to you in text format, primed for you to customize and add to your email marketing software.

Nurture Emails

Nurture your prospect's interest in working with you. They will explain additional benefits and information to potential customers while they solidify your status as an expert. Like the other emails, we give them to you in text format so they are a breeze to edit.

Sales Emails

Build robust and engaging sales emails.  These emails will inspire your prospect to take action at the end of your nurture sequence and are also provided in easy-to-personalize text format.


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