Who Gets The Most Value From Our Free Reviews?

Request a free review today and you’ll get:

  •  A 30-minute video call during which we review your website or membership idea together
  •  Advice on how to increase your traffic
  •  Tips on how to generate more leads
  •  Ideas on how to convert these leads into members
  •  and much more...

There are two main groups of eLearning entrepreneurs who get the most from our free review.

The first group are those that are starting their first membership website and are looking at all the best membership building platforms. They have decided that they like the freedom, ownership and cost benefits of WordPress.

The second group of folks who get incredible value from our free review are those that have an existing membership website. Some of them are frustrated by the performance and support of their present WordPress hosting provider. Others are frustrated by the costs and limitations of their present online membership platform.

Jonathan Denwood CEO and Founder of WP-Tonic

Important Info

WP-Tonic is a 100% Remote WordPress hosting and support agency and our services are unaffected by COVID-19.

How Does the Free Review Work?

When you request your free website review, we’ll ask you a handful of simple questions about your membership website’s performance or your ideas for creating your membership website. We’ll ask about the types of traffic channels you’re currently using or thinking of using, and what your business goals are for your membership website.

Once we have your details, we’ll then analyze your website before our joint Zoom call. Jonathan will personally look for opportunities to make improvements to increase your website's speed, traffic and conversion or he will analyze your marketing plans for your new membership website project.

We’ll record the Zoom as a video so you will be able to refer back to it in the future. Jonathan will also provide you with strategy and action points that he feels will help your membership website’s speed, UX design, lead generation and sales goals.

The review is completely free of charge. If, after you’ve seen your review, you decide to become a client of WP-Tonic, we will continue to advise you on how to implement the key recommendations made in this free review.

If you choose not to enlist the help of our services - that's OK! We’d be thrilled to have your honest feedback via a company review.

Who Is Our Free Website Review For?

Membership Entrepreneurs like you!

We’ve helped membership entrepreneurs or eLearning startup owners to create their first website and digital marketing campaigns. We’ve also promoted their existing website to help earn them more traffic which leads to more active paying members.

We’ve helped hundreds of membership businesses across the US, Canada, and the United Kingdom to increase their traffic and membership levels. We’ve achieved this by advising these membership entrepreneurs so that they can improve their existing websites or their digital marketing plans and strategies using Search Engine Optimization and Content Marketing. We’ve also help them increase their leads and sales using Conversion Rate Optimization.

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What’s Included in the Free Review?

WP-Tonic’s free review will analyze several aspects of your website or your current digital marketing plan for your new website project. We will look for opportunities you can use immediately to improve the positioning of your website and how you promote your membership or products.

Usability and Clarity Checks

Is your website easy to use?

Is it easy for people to find what they need?

Is what you offer easy to understand and find?

We’ll review this and we’ll suggest how to make improvements.

Conversion Rate and Optimization Checks

Are conversions on your website being “blocked” by its design or flow?

Could you convert more of your existing traffic by removing these blockers?

We’ll check with an impartial expert viewpoint and suggest how you can remove them.

Website Visibility and Traffic Checks

Is your website ranking for the most important phrases people search for?

Is your content strong and well-written enough to appear at the top of Google?

We’ll analyze your website’s current visibility and traffic potential and suggest how you can make traffic-increasing improvements.

Competitor Analysis

Are your competitors ranking first for all of the most important search queries?

Are they continually working on improving their website, increasing their conversion rate and optimizing their content?

We’ll look at your most successful competitors and find the successes you can replicate and the weaknesses you can exploit.

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