Our LearnDash Support & Development Services

LearnDash LMS

Our team at WP-Tonic has extensive experience when it comes to custom development and consultation to help you build powerful LearnDash LMS solutions.

LearnDash Development

If you’re just getting started, our LearnDash team of consultants and developers can help you set up an LMS right from scratch. We can help you decide on a theme and the needed extensions for your website, plus we deep-dive into the support you’ll want to make sure your LMS project will be an online success.

LearnDash Customization

We can help you get your regular LearnDash-powered project up and running quickly. However, sometimes you might need customization so it suits your exact business requirements. We can help you with the transition comfortably, avoiding any headaches that can be linked to customization.

LearnDash Extensions

An extension is the WordPress way of enhancing the functionality of any theme or plugin. So, if you’re thinking of adding an additional functionality to LearnDash, creating a custom extension is the way to go. Our seasoned development team has the experience you want when developing an extension to the leading WordPress plugins.

Third-Party Add-on Integration

We have extensive knowledge in using external third parties’ Application Program Interface services that can add powerful features such as social login, or fetch social comments, or shares, or newsletters, or basically any external non-WordPress services.

Payment Gateway Integration

Payment gateways specific to a location or a currency might not be readily available to you, and in such cases, we can create a payment gateway extension for you or integrate it directly into LearnDash.

Custom Styling and CSS Personalization

Bring your LearnDash Website to life with that extra dash of personalization. Our expert designers provide styling to your LearnDash to match it with your branding and theme.

Quiz Module Customization

Extend the quiz functionality by adding quiz options, custom question types, or answer types by customizing the LearnDash plugin.

Custom Reporting Add-on

Student and course reports for your LearnDash powered Learning Management System are only a step away from the custom reporting add-on we can add to your website.

Advanced Notification Extension

Advanced email and admin notifications can be used to track sign-ups, course updates, quiz completion, etc.

Student Progress Tracking System

A student progress tracking system can help teachers focus on weaker students, or modify coursework according to student needs.