Nurture your audience and build a community of superfans

Creating a community means a more profitable business ecosystem as you build your online learning business. The good news is that building a community has never been easier. Better yet, you can do it right from your WordPress site with BuddyBoss. And we can help you get set up or show you how to do it on your own.

You’ll benefit from:

  • Custom profile types, fields, and permissions so you can add depth to your community
  • Easy-to-organize social groups with custom activity feeds
  • Bulletin-board style forum discussions to foster productive discussions
  • Zoom integration for face-to-screen meetings
  • Private messaging
  • Customizable notifications
  • Multi-lingual capabilities
  • GDPR compliance

Deciding among the three most well-known community platforms options – BuddyBoss vs MightyNetworks or Facebook can be a difficult decision to make for most businesses.

Ideally, you want your community platform to offer extensive features that help you easily create and manage an online community under your brand name. At WP-Tonic, we provide BuddyBoss as part of our hosted WordPress platform. It offers real power with security that Facebook can’t even touch, plus the cost-saving and feature richness it offers compared to MightyNetworks makes it a very attractive platform for anybody looking to build a powerful, community-focused online membership website.

Main BuddyBoss Features

Group Type

Every community is unique. Create public, private, or hidden groups and set different rules and settings depending on the group type.

Group Invites

Allow all group members, organizers, and/or moderators to invite other users to the group.

Group Organizers, Moderators

Create organizers or moderators within a group to control who can administer and edit the group, post-activity, or invite users.

Group Activity

Allow all group members, organizers, and/or moderators to post photos, gypsy, emojis, and share ideas into the group activity feed.

Group Forums

Each group can create its own discussion forum. Several groups can optionally be attached to the same discussion forum.

Posts, Media uploads, Gyphys and Emojis

Allows users to embed photos, gyphys, emojis in their forum posts and replies.

Social Group Meetings

Create a sense of community in this virtual era with social group meetings in Zoom. Each social group will have its own Zoom account connected to it to avoid meeting conflicts. The integration respects the group privacy settings so your meeting recording content stays within the members of a social group.

Private Messaging

Allow members to send private messages. Messages can be sent to one member or a group of members.