Shane Melaugh is the owner of Thrive Themes &

Here is his story:

  • He quit university because he couldn’t face doing something he wasn’t passionate about any longer. He decided to stop forcing it and left to create his own company.
  • He co-founded SECockpit with Sam Hänni. We took the product from zero to a 7 figure revenue mark in just 15 months.
  • He created a product called Backlink Battleplan in 2010 that did over 2,000 sales and brought in over 6 figures revenue – this was my first real successful product in the internet marketing niche.
  • He is founder of Thrive Themes, a company that produces conversion-focused WordPress themes.
  • He is the creator of several software products including Viral Quiz Builder, WP Sharely and Hybrid Connect.
  • He also sell a number of information products, including Video Marketing Blueprint, Focus & Action and Webinar Eclipse.

Shane’s basic philosophy for business and entrepreneurship is to choose your direction and grind it out. Tips, tactics and information can only get you so far – there is simply no substitute for experience!

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