WordPress Frameworks: Unfinished Business.

WooThemes: Canvas

Canvas version 6 is coming out in the next six months of 2015. Only about 6 of the present themes are fully responsive. How to upgrade from Canvas 5 to 6 is still being worked out by WooThemes. However it might not be possible to upgrade from older themes.

iThemes: Builder Framework

https://ithemes.com/purchase/builder-theme/ Facts 1) 90 themes not all of them are responsive. 2) A visual builder. 3) Builder seems to be a theme/plugin/ hybrid.

Prices: Foundation series 5 theme fully responsive pack for $80. All 90 themes, however many of these themes are not responsive.

Elegant Themes:

http://www.elegantthemes.com/ Divi 2.0 Theme/Framework hybrid. This is a new version of Divi 2.0 and has a visual editor inbuilt into the theme.

Price: You can get Divi and 87 other older type themes for $69.

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