These days, people mostly go to Best Buy or do their computer evaluation and shopping online. But a few years ago, ok, maybe more than a few, you’d go to a store that had a salesman who’d make commission on the sale.

Do you remember the days of attentive sales folks at Good Guys? Or CompUSA (before they were inattentive)?

Maybe attentive is the wrong word. Maybe high-pressure-can-you-stop-asking-me-questions-I-don’t-know is a better word.

Because if you remember, they’d walk up to you and ask you if you wanted a Pentium chip, or how much RAM you wanted, or whether you needed onboard video RAM.

This was before Steve Jobs started defining products by how much music you could carry on it. Before we talked about how we’d use the devices and instead talk about the infrastructure of the device. Review from Chris Lema: Read More



Have you heard about inbound marketing? If you have, then I am pretty sure you must have heard about Hubspot too. My aim with this Hubspot review is to provide an insight into how this inbound marketing tool works and whether you should spend money on Hubspot.

For those of you who really don’t have the time to read through this lengthy Hubspot review, here is my opinion upfront: Hubspot is a great tool if you have the resources and expertise to use it wisely. Any tool is only as good as how you use it. If you have the budget and resources for inbound marketing- buy Hubspot. If not, look for alternative solutions.

I have tried the latest (Hubspot 3) and updated the review. Check the bottom of the post for the update.

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About four months ago, one of our clients bit the bullet with Infusionsoft. In this post, I want to share their situation, why they chose Infusionsoft, and what’s happened since they became a customer.

InfusionSoft Review

So what caused the decision to migrate to Infusionsoft?

Our client had spent months trying to create weird and wonderful auto responder workarounds. They wanted to automate their transactional emails and personalized emails.

But they weren’t using the right tool for the job. It was a mess.

Their CRM was in Salesforce. Their transactional emails were with SendGrid. Their newsletter was in Aweber. Their affiliate system with Get Ambassador. You can imagine how much of a nightmare it was getting everything to play along.

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