Tips and Tricks Connected to Finding the Right WordPress Commercial Theme

What key functionality is really important for a WordPress Commercial Theme?

First, write down what you like about their particular websites connected to the layout and features set which you would most like on your new website.

This is really important because there’s nothing worse than trying to adapt a theme that really hasn’t been designed or built for your business area.

See, a theme is either built as a generic wide use solution or to serve a specific niche vertical. We personally feel it’s best for a business owner to go for a theme that is designed for your particular niche vertical then a generic wide theme. You are going to get more value and it will be a much better fit for the key functionality you are really looking from a WordPress commercial theme.


However, it’s a strange fact that some of the most popular themes on Themeforest or Elegant Themes are the generic wide use-case solution themes. I would strongly advise you to look at a specific niche theme.

One of our favorite combination is Genesis  which is rock solid  and with Dynamik you have a powerful theme builder.

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