In the fourth episode of our series on the Genesis framework, we look at plugins for Genesis.

BeaverBuilder: Is a premium page builder plugin that lets you create drag and drop layouts. It works extremely well with Genesis themes. This is an exciting tool for anyone doing a lot of customization work with Genesis.

Genesis Dambuster: This is a premium plugin that helps you use BeaverBuilder with Genesis connected to building full width pages and posts. It also helps with a number of other smaller problems you will come across using BeaverBuilder with Genesis.

Genesis Club Pro Plugin: This is a premium plugin that offers a mixture of different element that makes it much easier to customize a Genesis Themes without having to know load of php code around how Genesis uses action and filters

Genesis Design Palette Pro: This premium plugin gives you the ability to select different parts of your site and change padding, margins, colors, fonts it’s a bit like Dynamik but a lot smaller and less powerful.

Styles for Genesis: This premium plugin uses the WordPress customizer to allow you to change colors, fonts, buttons, buttons and more with no coding.

Genesis Extender: From our friends at CobaltApps. This is another premium plugin that allows you to add custom functions and styles to Genesis child themes. Extender was recently updated with some new features and an interface that is more intuitive, and it works with any Genesis child theme.

Genesis Optimized Social Share: Social Share is important for any website. Genesis Optimized Social Share offers social sharing media options for the Genesis theme. The social share buttons will not affect the loading speed of the website, making it one of the best choices. In short, it doesn’t affect the page speed scores.

Genesis Responsive Slider: The slider has always been an important part of a theme. And, the case holds true in the case of Genesis theme. If you are looking for a slider for your theme, then Genesis Responsive Slider offers what you are looking for.

Genesis Layout Extra: Genesis Layout Extras is one of the top Genesis plugins out there. The plugin is downloaded more than 98000+ times and is still going strong.

The plugins help to edit the default layout of different pages such as search, attachment, the homepage, 404 pages and more.

Genesis Simple Edits: Genesis framework is great and with the use of Genesis Simple Edits you can improve your experience with the theme. The three main areas where most of the editing go are the post Meta, footer area, and the post info (byline). With the help of this plugin, you can easily edit those areas, according to your requirements.

Genesis Simple Hooks: Genesis Simple Hooks is one of the most useful Genesis plugins. It comes pre-loaded with more than 50 hooks. These 50 hooks can be used to tons of customization including insert coding into the theme.

Genesis Simple Sidebars: Genesis Simple Sidebars can be used to add multiple widget areas into your Genesis website. The sidebars can be controlled according to the posts and what you are looking to do with it.

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