WP-Tonic Live Special: February Thursday the 26th

February 28, 2015

We had a great regular & guest panel from the WordPress community that joined us on Thursday, February 26th at 5:30pm (PST.) for our regular WordPress podcast. We had in-depth but fun discussion of the month’s WordPress news and one particular topic. This month it’s going to be about WordPress Membership Plugins

This Month’s WP-Tonic’s Regular & Guest Panel

Our Regular WordPress Panel

Sallie Goetsch from Salliegoetsch.com

Morten Rand-Hendriksen from Lynda.com

David Laietta from Orange Blossom Media

Adam Silver from Kitchen Sink WP podcast

John Locke from Lockedown Design

Brian Bourn from Bourn Creative

Our Guests This Week

Natalie MacLees from Purple Pen Productions Natalie is great contributor to the WordPress community and is a very experience front end developer. Who is the author one of them most popular JQuery training books on sale at the present moment “jQuery for Designers 2nd Edition.”


Bill Conrad from NewMediaGold.Com
Jonathan Denwood from WP-Tonic.Com

This Month’s WordPress News Stories We Discussed

1- WooCommerce: seems to be going after commercial photographers?


I personally feel this is an really interesting new plugin and service from WooCommerce which could offer a new general business model for the WordPress community.

2-WordPress lead core developer changes.


This month it was announced that Helen Hou-Sandí and Dion Hulse are now lead developers of t WordPress core project. Also Peter Westwood and Ryan Boren are stepping down from their lead developer roles are these major changes in the general direction that WordPress is going down during 2015?

3- WordPress and Taxonomy


We have always thought the way that the WordPress deals with taxonomies has always been unnecessary complicated and this is area that some additional work is needed in upcoming versions of WordPress in 2015.

4-Beaver Builder Plugin


I’ve been trying out Beaver builder I think its quite amazing plugin what will change how WordPress is used in a quite a dramatic way during 2015.

Here’s a some of WordPress plugins and services that the panel mentioned during the show.

Beaver Builder a WordPress page builder:

Member a simple but powerful WordPress membership plugin:

Pie Register a WordPress plugin: a powerful registration form builder:

UsersUltra a WordPress plugin:

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