Digital Ocean The Speed Machine Solution!

DO_Logo_Vertical_BlueAt WP-Tonic, we just love Digital Ocean. They offer s0me of the best value among VPS (virtual private servers networks) on the market at today.

We can with our hosting service partner WPHostingSpot have you quickly up and running with one of their powerful starting Digital Ocean packages that starts at only $35 per month. Couple this with WP-Tonic’s fully managed WordPress support services and  you will have all your WordPress problems covered!

Our hosting partner will totally take over all the pain of setting up a Digital Ocean account for you and WPHostingSpot offers 24/7  expert support when comes to all the techy stuff all you have to do is sign up with our hosting partner WPHostingSpot.

We just feel that Digital Ocean offers the best power and speed combination at an amazing price, as well as the best value hosting option for our clients with online businesses who want to grow their businesses in 2016.

Why does this matter for you?

  1. We do all the boring updating and minor changes that you need and want for your website.
  1.  WPHostingSpot will totally manage your Digital Ocean hosting for you.
  1. Digital Ocean offers some of the best hosting packages on the market.
  1. We can help you turn your slow WordPress website into a speed machine!
  1. Website Speed Will Become All Important!

Speed has become a major measuring factor for Google when judging a website’s usefulness to its target audience. Google’s Matt Cutts recently announced that slow performing mobile sites would be penalized in the search rankings. Obviously, slow websites offer their users a poor experience. However, what exactly do we mean by “slow”? Read this great Moz article on how Google sees your website’s speed: How Website Speed Actually Impacts Search Ranking

Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean offers some of the best value in hosting packages on the market when it comes to speed, reliability and power. We specialize in configuring and managing WordPress on this outstanding platform for our clients.

Page Load Times Will Become All Important!

What the Moz article clearly shows is that there is a clear and direct linkage between how long the first byte of a website loads and the site’s page ranking with Google. What does this mean? The data suggests that websites with servers and quality back-end infrastructures that can serve website content quickly outrank others that do not. It is the back-end systems and not the front-end that affects how your website is going to be ranked by Google. Consider these factors:

  1. The network latency between a visitor and the server.
  2. How heavily loaded the web server is.
  3. How quickly the website’s back end can generate the content.

So what can we take from all of this? Well, Google seems to care a lot about your hosting provider’s back-end system and its speed and quality. And if Google cares, you probably should, too.

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