WordPress, Plugin Updating Services

Get real peace of mind with our WordPress core, plugin updating services. If updating your WordPress website core and key plugins has become “cross my heart and hope to die”situation We can take over and do all this updating stuff for you and this is a key element of the global services we offer. Almost as soon as the updates are released. With WP-Tonic you get a real developer backing up and updating your site. This includes core, themes, and plugins.

WordPress Core, Plugin and Theme Updates

WordPress updates its system frequently to keep it running smoothly. To keep your site up-to-date with that core, we will safely update the WordPress core, plugins, and themes. We will do everything it takes to guarantee that your sites stay online 24/7.

Your website always up-to-date Have a better-secured website Save time and worry Reduce downtime Focus on what your core business is Never break something anymore WordPress is a great CMS and continues to grow in popularity. Like anything, though, it’s not perfect.

We all have different needs and WordPress out of the box cannot satisfy all of them. That’s why plugins and themes exist. If you use WordPress, the chances are that you have installed plugins and themes to satisfy your particular needs. There are thousands of plugins and themes publicly available on WordPress.org and other third party websites but installing a plugin, a theme, or even WordPress itself, is just the first step.

WordPress is an ongoing project. Developers work hard on this CMS to provide us with a reliable platform, and we can say the same thing for many of the plugins or themes available. To use new features or to prevent potential bugs, keeping WordPress, your themes and plugins up-to-date is extremely important, and that’s what we’ll cover in this article.

WordPress and its plugins and themes are like any other software installed on your computer, or as any other application on your devices. Periodically developers release updates that provide new features or fix known bugs.

Maybe new features are not something that you necessarily want? In fact, maybe you are satisfied with the functionality you currently have, and you don’t need more? Well, you are still likely to be concerned about bugs. Software bugs can come in many shapes and sizes.

Huge such as preventing users from using a plugin or it could be slight and only concern a particular part of a theme for example. In some cases, bugs can even be serious security holes.

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