WordPress Quick Fixes

WordPress White Screen of Death Problems

Our WordPress quick fixes & maintenance plans are very popular with all our clients. Here’s some of the WordPress quick fixes that we do starting with “The White Screen of Death” which can be a difficult situation to deal with calmly. It is also so frustrating to deal with when you visit your site, and it is just a blank white screen. We can quickly fix this for you and get your WordPress site back to normal also combine this with all our other key services and you can be sure that you can sleep at night.

This usually happens either due to a plugin that won’t work with your version of PHP or some custom coding you have added to the WordPress function.php file.

Getting Strange Code Error Messages From WordPress?

Are you getting an odd code error somewhere on your WordPress website? This issue can be really daunting trying to locate and fix correctly. Let us do it for you and do it quickly and efficiently.

WordPress Website Backup Support and Migration

Need to move your WordPress powered website from one hosting provider to another? This can quickly become complicated. Why bother when the team at WP-Tonic can migrate your WordPress website to your new hosting provider rapidly and painlessly? For improved site performance and speed let us configure Digital Ocean as your new web host. We will also configure an automated, offsite backup. This allows you to rest assured that your website is always safe.

WordPress CSS or Styling Changes

At WP Tonic, we pride ourselves in working with CSS and can help you with any CSS WordPress styling issues. Have you got something just not in the right place or not the right font/color on a key page on your WordPress website? When your site looks good, your conversion rates may increase!

WordPress Website Speedup Service

It’s important that your website be a speed machine in 2016. This is important to create a positive user experience and reduce bounce rate. Do you know that over 70% of people who come to your website for the first time may never return? Slow load times on websites increases the number of visitors leaving the site never to return. Having a super-fast site is not only good for user experience, it is good according to Google. We can help with advice on how to make your WordPress website a rocket ship.

All Things WordPress: General Support

This list is a quick insight into the most common solutions we provide on a daily basis. We can help you in many ways to make your online business successful. Do you have something you’d like help with? Let us know.

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