WordPress Security Monitoring

Our WordPress security monitoring is a key part of general service package Nearly one out of four websites run on the popular WordPress platform, and its widespread use makes WordPress sites a desirable target for hackers. Along with hardening WordPress, security monitoring is one of the most important steps you can take to safeguard yourself online. We use two great WordPress premiere WordPress plugins to monitor and protect our client’s websites iTheme Security Pro also with our larger clients we partner with Sucuri.

The process of marking your WordPress powered website as secure as possible is call in the online security industry “the hardening process we go into great depth here on all the choices hardening security choices you have with WordPress.

Too often, a hacked site will ruin businesses or reputations, and no place is safe from potential exploitation. Without effective WordPress security monitoring, sites are vulnerable to extensive stolen or corrupted data, website blacklisting, and broken or unusable services.

Cinch keeps vigil over your site by monitoring for malware that allows us to identify and react quickly to security incidents.

Your WordPress site is scanned every three hours, around the clock for a broad range of malicious software including SQL Database Injections, Backdoors SPAM Injections, Malicious Redirects, JavaScript Injections, Website Defacements, Malicious iFrames, PHP Mailers, SPAM Email Scripts, Spyware and more. Once we detect that an incident has occurred, we swing into action and aggressively clean-up the malware from your site.

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