We Can Help Your Develop & Design Custom Emails & Newsletters

We can help you with your email sequences with our library of pre- written emails or we can help you develop a full set of unique emails that fit with your custom-developed marketing funnels. Here are some of the email sequences we can help you with:

Welcome Email

The welcome email is the first email that a potential client will receive after they've requested a copy of your lead magnet. The email is supplied in text format, ready for you to edit and drop into your favorite email marketing software.

Nurture Emails

Each funnel pack includes a series of 3-5 nurture emails. We use nurture emails to provide additional benefits and information to prospects, as well as to continue positioning you as an expert. These are supplied in text format and are easily edited.

Sales Emails

Our funnel packs all include at least one sales email or consultation request email.. These emails are sent at the end of the nurturing sequence and are designed to encourage your prospect to take action. Sales emails are provided in text format and are easy to edit.

We also can help you develop beautiful email newsletters that really drive leads to your custom funnels and landing pages.

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