LMS WP Courseware

WP Courseware is a way to build a flexible and scalable eLearning website, whether you are developing a website from scratch or customizing WP Courseware to suit your unique needs, and everything that falls in between.

Plugin Customization

Add extra features and custom functionality to WPCourseware. Let us know what you need and discuss solutions with our in-house WPCourseware consultant expert.

Addon Development

Boost things up the WordPress way. Custom solutions and extra features in the form of an extensible plugin for WP Courseware, so that you never have to worry about updates and what they might do to your modifications. Plug-and-play!

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Inter-System Integrations

Integrate WP Courseware with your e-commerce system, or fuse it in with a social network or a Learning Record Store (LRS) system. We have extensive experience integrating the external systems that work in sync with WP Courseware.

3rd Party API Integrations

Integrating external third party Application Program Interface (API) services  is a great add-on feature for your WP Courseware LMS.

Custom Quiz Module

Quizzes and question banks are one of the high points of WP Courseware and we can help you make the most of them, be it custom question types, question timers or personalized front end quiz designs. Tell us what you need and we’ll deliver.

Gamification Module

Did you know that one out of two learners performs better under a gamified eLearning process? A points system, achievements, leaderboards, and social network to track all gaming activities are all that stands between you and awesome results.

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