John Locke

Lead Developer & SEO Expert
Sacramento, CA

Since 2012, John Locke has helped businesses across the country improve their search rankings and grow their revenue through SEO. Some of the industries John has help with SEO include manufacturing, industrial, e-commerce, creative services, software development, and health care.

Whether he’s online or teaching clients in person, John believes in hands-on education. Empowering small business owners to make the best use of their website through SEO allows them to maximize their results and achieve their revenue goals.

John’s client roster spans five time zones, in addition to multiple SEO clients in his home base of Sacramento, CA. If you ask him what his professional legacy to be, John will say, “Helping build people’s empires through SEO and sustainable marketing.”

You can find John publishing new SEO videos on YouTube 365 days a year. He also appears as a recurring panelist on the WP-Tonic podcast round table.

John Locke
Helping manufacturing and industrial companies with SEO.