The Best Virtual Conference Platforms

November 26, 2021

If you’re thinking about hosting a virtual conference, you will need to use a virtual conference platform to automate the registration process. In addition to this, you can also offer multiple session registrations. This way, users can register for the conference at the time that suits them the best.

Using a virtual conference platform can help you reduce the time spent on smaller tasks when hosting a virtual conference. Instead, you can focus on creating high-quality content and growing your business.


In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best virtual conference platforms that can help you effectively plan and host virtual conferences easily.

Features to consider when looking for a virtual conference platform

Different businesses have different requirements and goals. This is why it makes sense to go for the option that suits your specific business the most.

A common question many business owners have is how do we know it’s the right virtual conference platform for us?

Let’s go over a few things you should consider when looking for a virtual conference platform:

  • Should offer all basic conference features. It’s crucial for your virtual conference platform to offer all basic conference features such as drawing tools, the option to screen share, and features to manage voice comms between event speakers.
  • Stability and reliability. Reliability is important if we’re talking about hosting virtual conference platforms. Think about this: you’re attending a live virtual conference and suddenly you stop hearing the speaker and it disconnects you because of server errors. This will cause a poor user experience for attendees who were expecting to finish the virtual conference before disconnecting.
  • Customization and personalization features. You want your virtual conference to match your branding. A top-notch virtual conference platform lets you customize and personalize the experience for your attendees. As a result, it can help you stand out from competitors and enhance business growth for the future.
  • Reports and analytics. Reports and analytics are important for making sure everything is going according to your plan. After the event, you should be able to use reports and analytics to gauge how successful your virtual conference was. It’s also a great way to identify things that can be improved for your next virtual conference.
  • Customer support. Having quality customer support is essential if you want to use the virtual conference platform frequently. For instance, you want to be able to contact live customer care whenever you’re stuck facing a problem or having trouble setting up the virtual conference.
  • Pricing also plays an important role in decking the best virtual conference platform for your business. Set a budget for the virtual conference platform and jot down the most essential features you need to host your virtual conference.

Depending on your content, your audience, and your business, you want to choose a virtual conference platform based on what works best for you.

Top 10 virtual conference platforms

Here, we’ll take a look at some of the best virtual conference platforms:


Eventzilla offers a single platform solution for managing and hosting virtual events for your business.

Using Eventzilla, you can automate event registration and event setup for your next virtual conference, even if you’re not experienced. Eventzilla offers a simple way of setting up everything you need to host your virtual conference within a few clicks. The best part is that you can create a stunning event registration page within the first few minutes of using the plugin.

Eventzilla also offers robust payment features and marketing tools to help you take your virtual events to the next level. Additionally, Eventzilla integrates with more than 1000 apps using the Zapier app.

Eventzilla’s entry-level pricing starts at $1.50 per registration for the Basic package.


Whova is professional event management software designed to handle virtual events as well as in-person events.

Whova out of the box offers many features such as setting up a virtual event platform, setting up an event app, creating an event management system, offering attendees online registrations, and enhancing your email marketing campaigns. Using Whova, you can enhance attendees’ experience on your virtual events by offering personalized content, sharing attractive photos, letting users vote on a live poll, and sending messages directly to you.

You can contact the team at Whova and tell them your requirements before revving a subscription quote for the service.



Hopin is a great virtual event platform that lets you create highly engaging and interactive experiences with your audience.

Hopin is not only intuitive to use but it’s also very accessible. This means it makes it easy for attendees to attend your virtual conference. You can create polls, quizzes, and ask your audience questions to keep them engaged with your event. Hopin has built-in functionality for promoting your virtual event as well and managing tickets.

Hopin is free to use but also offers premium plans such as the Starter plan at $99 per month to unlock all of Hopin’s core features.


Livestorm offers a simple yet powerful virtual conference platform that lets you create engaging and interactive virtual conferences.

It lets you promote your virtual conference by offering custom registration forms on attractive event registration pages. You can also send automated emails and share news about your event directly on your social media platforms using Livestorm. Additionally, Livestorm gives you access to powerful analytics that can help you quickly analyze the performance of your past events.

Livestorm is free to use with the Starter plan. However, you can also remove limitations and get the full experience of Livestorm by getting the Premium plan that starts at $109 per month. In addition to this, Livestorm offers the Premium plan as a free trial.


WebinarJam is a platform dedicated to hosting engaging webinars and virtual conferences for your business.

WebinarJam offers high-quality live broadcasting technology that lets you add up to 5000 people into a single virtual conference. This helps you get your message out to more people at once. Additionally, you can add up to 6 team members or event speakers to your virtual conference. WebinarJam also lets your audience interact with you using the live chat function. This is a great way to interact with your audience and keep them engaged with your content.

WebinarJam’s entry-level pricing plan starts at $39 per month for the Starter package that lets you host an event with up to 100 attendees.


Convene offers a premium virtual conference platform that lets you leverage advanced technology to create engaging virtual conferences. You can also host hybrid events and let the expert team at Convene help you arrange everything.

Convene also lets you create a branded event website and offers extensive tools to help you create more engaging virtual conference events.

Convene pricing starts at $5,000 per event for the Basic package.

Mighty Networks
Mighty Networks

MightyNetworks is an all-in-one platform for managing and hosting virtual events for your business.

MightyNetworks lets you create an engaging community around your brand and gives you full control over using your custom branding and personalization options across your website and mobile apps.

MightNetworks pricing starts at $23 for the Community plan. They also offer 14-day free trials for their Business and Community plans.


One of the most popular video conference platforms, Zoom, offers a simple, yet effective solution for hosting virtual conferences.

Zoom offers robust functionality for hosting virtual conferences and meetings for your business. In addition to this, it packs extensive tools to help engage your audience and offer them an interactive experience when attending your virtual conference.

Check out our Zoom Webinar Review for more information.

Zoom is free to use for personal meetings. However, it offers Zoom Events & Webinars plans that start at $79 per month for hosting virtual conferences with up to 500 attendees.



ClickMeeting is a simple to use and accessible video conferencing platform that lets you organize and host large-scale virtual conferences.

It offers a built-in payment system that lets you accept payments from attendees using PayPal or you can use your own custom payment method. ClickMeeting also lets you share your virtual events directly to social media platforms and helps build stronger customer relationships with your attendees.

ClickMeetings’s pricing level starts at $79 per month for the Live plan. You can also use ClickMeeting completely free with the Free Trial plan that lets you host virtual conferences for up to only 25 people.


If you’re looking for a modern and powerful video conferencing tool, vFairs might be the best option for you.

vFairs offers a user-friendly approach to setting up a virtual conference and, if you need help, the team is ready to help you properly set up and resolve issues. It also offers a wide range of tools that help boost engagement and increase attendance for your virtual conference.

vFairs lets you request a pricing quote based on your requirements and according to the virtual conference you’re looking to host.


Hosting a successful virtual conference can be a challenge as you have to make sure your content is top-notch and that your audience is fully engaged. One way to host a successful virtual conference is by choosing the right video conference platform to start with. Ideally, you want to choose the best virtual conference platform according to your business needs, your use case, the number of attendees you expect, and the budget you’re working with.

If you’re still confused about choosing the right virtual conference platform, check out our round-up of the best virtual conference platforms for membership website entrepreneurs.

Do you know of any other great virtual conference platforms? Let us know down in the comments section below.


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