Custom Funnels & Campaigns For Your Membership Website

First, we help you build a top-rate landing page. Next, we link it to Groundhogg, or another well-known CRM platform like Active Campaign, Drip, Keap and tons of others.

Let's get real. What keeps you from taking a week of your time, right now, to set up all of the different pieces you need in order to keep those new leads coming, day in and day out?



Like the rest of us, time is something you cannot get more of. And, because you are a creative entrepreneur, busy growing your online business or membership learning site you have even less time to spend on all those little details.

You need the leads... but you are too busy running the business and delivering your services to have the bandwidth to set up the funnels you need to keep the leads coming.

We understand how tough that is. All of WP-Tonics Funnel Bundles are here to help you grow your business by making lead generation easy, so you can focus on the work you do best: service delivery.

Every Funnel Bundle contains an easy-to-edit lead magnet, which is specially crafted to appeal to your ideal students. We've packed them with information and keep them small enough to hold attention and position YOU as the service they want to connect with.

We build your landing pages with Elementor, so that you can make whatever changes you would like and then place them easily into your membership site. You won't believe how easy it is for you to edit and customize our pages to suit your needs.

On top of that, we add a thank you page to each and every Funnel Bundle, also built with Elementor. That makes it simple for you to customize the ever-important vital thank you page just for your brand. 

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