We Can Help Your Develop & Design Custom Emails & Newsletters

Our library of pre-written emails is just what you need! Or, if customization is what you want, we can help you design an entire collection of emails that align perfectly with the tailor-made marketing funnels that we have created for you.

We can help you with all of the following email sequences, and many more:

Welcome Email

This is the first, crucial email that a potential client will receive from you, and it sets the tone for the entire sequence.  We will give it to you in text format, primed for you to customize and add to your email marketing software.

Nurture Emails

Our Funnel Bundles all include 3-5 emails designed to nurture your prospect's interest in working with you. They will explain additional benefits and information to potential customers, while they solidify your status as an expert. Like the other emails, we give them to you in text format so they are a breeze to edit.

Sales Emails

All of our Funnel Bundles build in a minimum of one discussion request or sales email.  These emails will inspire your prospect to take action at the end of your nurture sequence, and are also provided in easy-to-personalize text format. 

In addition, we are happy to help you to design beautiful and engaging email newsletters that will keep leads coming to your customized landing pages and funnels.

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