The Most Powerful Cloud-Based Backup Services and Solutions

Having the best solid, cloud-based WordPress backup service is the first and most important security option for any WordPress LMS and membership website.

WP-Tonic provides powerful cloud backup services and solutions for WordPress LMS and membership websites that rely on WordPress LMS plugins, ensuring that a large amount of content on your website and in your database is quickly replaced in case of a hack or accident.

No matter how broken your WordPress LMS site may be, our best cloud backup solutions for small businesses prevent permanent damage.

Whether your WordPress LMS website is maliciously damaged or broken by a simple mistake, regular cloud backups ensure no damage is permanent — cloud-based WordPress backups and WordPress site maintenance services are a regular part of all our Care Plans.

WordPress Backup Services — Our Best Cloud Backup Solutions for Membership Businesses

To ensure you get the highest level of service, we have partnered with BlogVault to provide not only our normal 30-day backups but also monthly cloud-based backup-based securely in the cloud using AWS.

Cloud Backup Services Allow You to Edit Your WordPress Website Without Fear by Using Test Servers

Did you accidentally break something while making changes to your WordPress website? Or worse, did you delete a bunch of content you didn’t mean to delete?

Do you want to revert back to a previous WordPress version of your site but don’t quite know how to do so?

And even when you do know how to restore to a previous version, how do you know which version to choose?

Restoration in Case of an Off-Hours Hack or Mistake

Hackers are always on the prowl to exploit any vulnerability — our WordPress backup service keeps you protected day and night (weekends too).

Whether your WordPress website is compromised by a late-night or weekend hack or a human error has resulted in a failure, BlogVault will always be by your side to get you back up on your feet quickly.

30 Days Worth of WordPress Backups

With 30 days worth of WordPress backups, you’ll be able to reach back into your WordPress LMS website’s history to find the exact backup you need.

All of this is only a part of the full suite of services you get with our WordPress Care Plans — click to learn more about your plan options.