Managing WordPress Development Teams Connected To Building and supporting Your Custom Web Base Training Platform


How to managed off shore usa based development teams guide
  • A step-by-step guide to everything you need to know to connect to hiring an external hybrid off-shore with a domestic-based team of WordPress developers.

  • ​A proven path and checklist to help you hire and managed the right WordPress development team.

  • Plus receive regular WordPress marketing advice, tips, and subscriber-exclusive content to help make your LMS site a success!

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How to managed off shore usa based development teams guide

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WP-Tonic went above and beyond any expectations I had. They’re incredibly easy to work with, respond in a timely manner, and really take care of their customers!

Tiffanie Lewis – Chief Marketing Officer Demand Generation Group BDO Digital

WP-Tonic is one of those rare high-quality technology partners perfectly suited to serve the busy course creator professional. Jonathan and his team have that rare combination of skills & solutions earned from years in the LMS/ membership site trenches, affordability, and rock-solid communication.

Sabrina Killian – Marketing Operations Manager Demand Generation Group BDO Digital