Resell Premium WordPress Support without any of the extra work!

Want a simple way to add recurring revenue to your bank account? Join WP-Tonic’s Agency Partner Program! You know your clients all require ongoing updates to their sites, so it’s a super easy sell.

Our Agency Plan Levels

Get every feature of WP-Tonic and more with WP-Tonic Agency Pro.

$399* Offshore Developer With Project Manager Support + Whitelabel
  • Dedicated Project Manager
  • Unlimited Requests
  • 8 Hours of Work Per Month
  • Expedite Your Request Queue
  • Get Help on Larger Projects
  • Invite us Into Your Tools
  • Auto-intake Your Clients’ Requests
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$799* USA-Based Developer With Daytime Support + Whitelabel
  • Dedicated WordPress Developer
  • Unlimited Requests
  • 8 hours of USA Daytime Work Per Month
  • Expedite Your Request Queue
  • Get Help on Larger Projects
  • Invite us Into Your Tools
  • Auto-intake Your Clients’ Requests
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WP-Tonic Agency Pro

Great news! You are a small digital agency or graphic design freelancer who has been asked to build a membership or WooCommerce website by a client. Unfortunately, it is quite easy to start losing money on these types of projects when you have to build out custom functionality and buy all of the necessary plugins that the client actually requires to complete their project. We have all been there!

On top of it, you have to be able to calculate what a fair price is for all of that, so you can win their business and not go broke on delivery. We can help! Do the things you are an expert at, such as the consulting and design part of the project, and leave the rest to us!

Join WP-Tonic’s Agency Partner Program!

Give your clients white-glove service and perks without the operations overhaul

Dedicated Account Management

You’ll have both Jonathan and John as direct contacts for your agency. We can answer any questions and make upgrades as you grow.

Premium WordPress Support

Delegate all of your clients’ questions and requests to us. They don’t have to know you might not have the answers because we do! Each of your clients will have a Dedicated Project Manager at WP-Tonic.

Turnkey Upkeep, Backups & Reports

All you have to do is bill your clients. We’ll take care of backups, security, speed, and reporting for your clients’ websites. We make it super easy for your agency to provide a super service.

Common questions

What do I have to do to qualify for the program?

All you have to do is have 5 clients ready to sign up. If you get 10 clients signed up we’ll even give you extra Dedicated Development hours for free!

Do I receive a discount for being on the Agency Partner Program?

Absolutely! We see the program as a 50/50 partnership. You will get a 25% off our usual monthly fees which gives you a lot of cushion to work with when reselling the support plan.

Can I be in both the Agency Partner program and the Referral program?

Yes! The Agency Partner program is meant for clients that you want to manage and charge for Premium WordPress Support. The referral program is best for referring friends or any clients that you would prefer to have handle site updates on their own.

How will my clients pay me for Premium WordPress Support?

Your clients will pay you directly for the service and any other extras you would like to add. This allows you to determine the price that you want to charge for the support.

Become an Agency Partner

Apply to become a Premium WordPress Support reseller by sending an email to

[email protected]

Let us know your company website, how many WordPress sites you work with, and any other questions you might have.