Premium WordPress Support Without Any of The Normal Frustrations!

Finding a fantastic WordPress Development partner which is reliable and affordable is not that easy!

Starting at only $399* per month you get unlimited support for your WordPress-powered websites.  You won’t find a better, more skilled WordPress development team than WP-Tonic anywhere.

Our Business Plus Support Level Plans

We offer two support levels for our business clients who have multiple WordPress-powered websites

$399* Offshore Developer With Project Manager Support
  • Unlimited Requests
  • 8 hours of Development Work Per Month
  • Multiple Task Requests
  • Your Own Project Manager
  • Access to Our Great Task Management Software
  • Discounted Development Hours for Larger Projects
  • Dedicated WordPress Developer
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$799* USA-Based Developer With Direct Developer Daytime Support
  • Unlimited Requests
  • 8 hours of USA Daytime Work Per Month
  • Multiple Task Requests
  • Get Help on Larger Projects
  • Access to Our Great Task Management Software
  • Discounted Development Hours for Larger Projects
  • Dedicated WordPress Developer
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WP-Tonic’s Pro Plus Level Plans

With our Pro Plus plan you also get access to over $1000 of premium WordPress plugins, along with your own personal Account Manager. All of it comes with a 30-day 100% Money-Back satisfaction guarantee.

Are you ready to save thousands of dollars and gain back all of those hours of valuable business time that your team now spends supporting your WordPress-powered websites?

* Our Pro Plus plans start at $399 per month and for this you get 8 hours of Developer time per month. If you need more hours for a particular project you can buy discounted 5-hour packages or you can request a custom retainer arrangement.



WP-Tonic's Pro Business Program!

Do you have multiple WordPress websites and projects and don’t want to hire or manage in-house expensive WordPress developers yourself?

Dedicated Project Managers 

You’ll have both Jonathan and Kim as direct contacts for your business. We can answer any questions and make upgrades as you grow.

Premium WordPress Support

Delegate all of your clients’ questions and requests to us. They don’t have to know that you might not have the answers – because we do! Each of your clients will have a Project Manager at WP-Tonic.

Turnkey Upkeep, Backups & Reports

We’ll take care of backups, security, speed, and reporting for your business websites. When it comes to your website properties, we make your life super easy!

Common questions

Do you offer discounts?

Yes, when you pay for a year up front, you’ll get two months for free.

What is the turnaround time?

Average request or revision turnaround time for is 2- 4 business days for Pro business account users with our offshore developer level plan. However, with a Pro USA developer plan level users get faster turnaround times, including same-day delivery as well as real-time communication with their own developer.

The Pro’s turnaround is fast, and will still follow all of the same factors that determine how quickly a request gets delivered. Those are:

  • How long you and your Project Manager/Developer have been working together
  • How many active requests you have in your queue
  • The complexity and nature of your request (i.e. a troubleshoot heavy request versus a content edit request)

Can you complete every single request?

We operate by the general rule of thumb that a request should be something we can complete within the WordPress admin dashboard. Also, a request must be something you can reasonably explain or show to us and can be completed in one hour of developer time.


What does the 100% satisfaction guarantee mean?

Our subscriptions come with a 30-day 100% Money-Back Guarantee for all Pro account levels.

If you find that the service isn’t a good fit for your business then you’ll get a 100% full refund of your initial sign-up fee within the respective time frames.

What does unlimited requests mean?

We allow you to submit as many requests as you need each month across as many sites as you manage. Your project manager/developer will work with you to make daily progress on your requests. If we don’t get it right the first time, no problem!

Revisions are unlimited as well. You’re limited in the speed of the completion of requests because we’re still humans, after all.

When it comes to deciding which of our Pro level account levels is the best for you, the first thing you need to ask yourself is, “What do I need help with that is WordPress-centric?”

If what you are asking for can be completed within the WordPress admin area, then we will most likely be able to assist with the request. Our plans do not cover external services outside of WordPress.

However, with our Pro Plus level account we can help with things like getting your Google Analytics set up or connecting your new form to your Mailchimp list.

Where we draw our line is services that do not involve benefiting your site with WordPress. For example, we will not set up your latest Mailchimp email campaign or sequence as that is more email marketing and copywriting than it is focusing on developing your website. 

Often times we can meet in the middle when third party services are involved. A good rule of thumb is that if it can be completed within the WordPress admin area it most likely fits under something we can cover. If you are not sure…. just ask!



The second thing you need to ask yourself is, “Am I asking for a completely new feature or am I asking for a revision or to change to something that already exists?”

There is a key difference between a new feature covered by our Pro Plus account level request and a general support/revision request. A feature request is asking for something that does not yet exist on your site and needs to be implemented from square one. 

A support request tends to revolve around tools or things already present on the site, such as  adding an additional Revolution Slider to the footer of the blog template, etc.

We can do feature requests, but they fundamentally require more time and attention and may take multiple days to complete and receive feedback. 

Here is a list of things we will definitely say "No" to:

  • High level consulting/vague questions: There is no perfect guideline for this but for the most part, your developer will not be able to consult with you on high-level marketing questions like ‘How do I increase the conversions on my site?’ or ‘Can you give suggestions on how to improve the branding and design of my website (or a page on my website)?’ or ‘How can I improve my page ranking on Google?’

These types of requests are too vague and hard for a project manager or WordPress developer to answer confidently without business, design, SEO, and marketing experience. We still like to help where we can but you must provide clear direction. If you feel you need consulting on your website then you can schedule a call with us and we can see how to create specific, actionable requests from your needs. 


  • Editing WordPress core files or plugin files to change their functionality (bad practice).


  • Create connections between two tools or services where no plugin already exists to accomplish it. If a plugin or tool does not exist already to complete a custom connection between services, we will not build a custom one for you. Zapier is your friend.


  • Deadlines – You can always re-prioritize your request queue, however, just because your customer is demanding you get their request done in the next two hours does not mean we are bound to that deadline. We’ll always do our best to accommodate but we can’t honor deadlines you set with your customers without first consulting us on the request and feasibility of that deadline.


  • Website builds from scratch – We do not do site builds from scratch. If you create a new site from a base template and want us to customize it from there that is another story since that is a living site we can jump into. However, if you need us to get WordPress installed, set up the database, and provision a new server, that is not covered. If you want a site built from scratch, click here to give us some more information about your needs.


  • Work that involves premium third-party applications – We are not Microsoft Excel experts or Photoshop wizards. If you request us to do work in external programs for you, we will ask that you complete that work yourself or with your team as that is outside of our specialty. .

Over time you’ll learn that we are a better fit for some projects and not others. If you ever have any questions don’t hesitate to ask your developer. They will work hard for you! 

Do You Have More Questions?

You can either email Jonathan, or you can book a free 30-minute Zoom video consultation with Jonathan HERE! or Call:  (775)-372-6330 | Email: [email protected]

When you contact us, let us know your company website, how many WordPress sites you work with, and any other questions you might have.


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