7 Best Alternatives to Facebook Groups

August 28, 2021

Facebook Groups provide a great way for membership site owners to build and manage their community. But if it’s not good enough for you, you might need a better alternative to Facebook Groups.

You might consider looking for alternatives to Facebook Groups if you’re having a hard time reaching out to all the members of your community. This could be simply because not everyone has a Facebook account or people can’t seem to “find” group notifications on top of all other Facebook notifications.

Facebook Groups also provide no customization options for you to represent your brand better in your community group. Plus, you can’t charge members in your Facebook Group as there’s no way to monetize your membership program. In addition to all of this, no matter what, your group will always be owned by Facebook. This means that you won’t have any control over what content is “appropriate” or against the guidelines of Facebook.

If you’re dealing with similar problems, deciding on an alternative to Facebook Groups can be a challenge. In this article, we’ll go over six of the best alternatives to Facebook Groups and highlight their standout features to help you make an informed decision.

The 7 best alternatives to Facebook groups

Let’s take a look at some of the best alternatives to Facebook Groups for creating and managing a community.

#1. BuddyBoss


BuddyBoss is an online community platform that lets users create social media groups and forums. It also gives you the option to include private messaging on your online community website. This makes BuddyBoss the perfect Facebook Groups alternative.

It’s also the perfect solution for anyone that’s looking to launch a membership program or sell online courses. BuddyBoss integrates seamlessly with popular WordPress membership plugins including LearnDash and Zoom.

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With BuddyBoss, you can let members create profiles and organize themselves into social groups. Members can post photos, emojis, and share ideas in each group they’re a part of. The platform’s group messaging feature makes it easy to broadcast announcements to each member of a group at once. BuddyBoss also gives users the option to start group threads or one-on-one conversations with group members.

Using BuddyBoss’ Zoom integration, site owners can quickly get face-to-face with members. This makes it easy to deliver live training sessions, webinars, online courses, and host meetings.

BuddyBoss starts at $228 billed annually for a single site license. It comes with the BuddyBoss Theme and BuddyBoss Platform Pro as well as priority support and updates.

#2. Slack


Slack is a great workplace project management app that offers text chat channels and a great way for your community to connect with your brand and your content. Although Slack is a project management app, most businesses use it as a generic community platform where members can connect with each other and consume content.

Slack is known as one of the best tools for project management and is used by most successful businesses around the world. One of the best things about Slack is that it’s easy to use and offers convenient access to its platform for all types of users. This means that you can access your Slack account from either mobile, desktop or web app.

Compared to Facebook Groups, Slack is a platform dedicated to communities and project management for businesses. This way, you don’t have to worry about your members being “distracted” by other social notifications. Since Slack is not a social app, members of your community will only visit their Slack accounts to access your community. This means that they won’t go through various other social media posts first before taking a look at your announcement.

Slack also provides a categorized discussion feature that can help members easily navigate your group and find the content or discussion topic they were looking for. In addition to this, Slack offers a secure network for business owners that care about the security of their website and group members.

Slack’s entry-level price starts at $6.67/month for the Pro plan but you can also use Slack for free using the Free plan they provide.

#3. Discord


Discord offers a great community platform that lets members use various text and voice chat channels to interact with each other and consume your content. It offers an easy-to-use approach to the platform and you don’t need to be tech-savvy to understand and use Discord. This is great for catering to all types of people in your group, even the ones who aren’t familiar with traditional community websites.


Discord offers robust tools for text and voice chat “channels” that members can use to send messages or start a voice call with a fellow member. In addition to this, Discord also offers a “presentation” feature which lets a user share or present their screen to the whole group in the voice call. The best part about Discord is that it’s completely free to use but also offers premium paid upgrades that are not necessary for using the core functionality of the platform.

Compared to Facebook, Discord offers a much more seamless, quicker voice chat and text platform than Facebook. This means that it will be much more convenient for your members to connect without having to worry about server issues. In addition to this, Discord is lightweight which means it can even run on low-powered devices.

With Discord, your members will find it easier to interact with the entire group on a daily basis. On the other hand, Facebook might have confusing navigation for someone who just wants to send a message to you.

Discord is free to use on all devices but you can add a premium add-on feature “Nitro” to your server. The “Nitro” starts at $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year and offers premium add-ons such as upgraded emojis, bigger file uploads, the “Nitro” status on your server, and much more.

#4. Reddit


Reddit has become one of the most popular platforms for a traditional community website but offers a very modern approach to it. This means that it’s pretty simple to use and has a similar interface to most online community forums. This way, you make it easier for people that are familiar with the online communities interface to join and interact with your group.

Reddit allows you to create a huge community that is called a “subreddit”. It also allows you to create private or public communities and gives you full control over who can see and interact with your group. The best part about Reddit is that it’s free to use, so it won’t hurt your budget to start running your online community.

Reddit offers affordable plans for removing ads from your subreddit. Starting at $5.99, you can completely make your group ad-free, which is a better price than most competitors including Facebook. Reddit is also completely open-source and free to use. This means that it can be flexible in terms of community space. Additionally, Reddit takes a lot less time to set up your online community subreddit compared to creating and setting up a Facebook Group. You are required to enter much less information to first start your group and start inviting members.

Although Reddit is free to use, it still offers premium add-on features that start at $5.99/month or $49.99/year. The “Reddit Premium” features offer ad-free browsing, exclusive avatar gear, custom app icons, and premium awards.

#5. WhatsApp


WhatsApp is one of the most well-known platforms internationally to send and receive calls and messages. It offers an intuitive and simple way for users to receive messages on all devices including iOS, Windows, and web browsers.

Since WhatsApp is free to use, most people already have the app installed on their devices. This means that members will have an easier time joining your group as they have their accounts set up and ready to go.

WhatsApp also provides a secure platform for interacting with your group members. Calls and messages are ends to end encrypted and WhatsApp groups are fully private as there’s no way to search for WhatsApp groups.

Compared to Facebook Groups, WhatsApp provides much more privacy for your community. It will also be easier for you to invite people to your group since most people will already be familiar with the platform. In addition to this, WhatsApp is one of the most used platforms for international businesses and groups. This not only makes your group easier to join but also makes your brand easier to approach.

WhatsApp is free to download and use across all devices.

#6. Kajabi


Kajabi has made a name for itself as one of the best solutions for course creation and hosting community groups. Although Kajabi is primarily designed with entrepreneurs in mind looking to start their digital business, it still provides robust community features to run and manage your group.

Kajabi offers an intuitive group building platform with built-in features needed for running and maintaining a community. Kajabi also offers highly customizable communities that can help represent your brand better and offer a unique experience to members.

Compared to Facebook, Kajabi is a platform dedicated to offering community hosting services and course selling tools. This means that it offers more control over how your community looks and feels – you don’t have to use the same generic group creation template as others.

It lets you interact with your members easily by creating discussion posts with your member’s own comment feeds. This way, you can answer member’s queries or interact with your audience exactly how you want to.

Kajabi’s “Basic” plan starts at $149 per month or $119/month if you subscribe yearly.

#7. Mighty Networks

Mighty Networks

Mighty Networks offers an all-in-one solution for building a community around your business and offers tools to host and sell courses. It’s one of the best, paid options for running your online community or group.

Mighty Networks is intuitive to learn and offers easy navigation and notification features for your group members. This way, you make it much easier for group members to keep up with updates.

Compared to Facebook Groups, Mighty Networks lets you offer paid memberships. This is a great way to generate revenue while also building a sense of community for your business. It offers functionality that lets you create polls, quizzes, and surveys for your members and build online courses within the platform.

Mighty Networks’ entry-level plan “The Community Plan” starts at $23 paid annually and offers basic features to build a website and a community for your business. You can also try the free trial for both “The Community Plan” and “The Business Plan” for 14 days before deciding if you want to keep your subscription.


If you’re used to Facebook and its features, it can be a challenge to migrate your whole community to another platform. While for some, it may be necessary for the growth of their business. We’ve covered some of the best alternatives to Facebook Groups and, hopefully, you’re in a better position to take the next step.

Are there any other alternatives to Facebook Groups that you know of? Let us know in the comment box below.

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