Are You Looking For Help Developing Content For Your New Course?

We can help you produce great content for you course/membership website. Some of the target areas we support are listed below.

Standalone content

Not every piece of membership content needs to be a full-blown course or a live session.

Standalone articles, tutorials, how-to’s or “mini-courses” have a lot of value, particularly for solving very specific problems where individual content pieces make more sense. Topics such as keeping fit or cookery are examples of this, where the content might be workout routines or recipes.

Depending on your market or topic a library of standalone content can have massive value to members – or in some cases you can use it to supplement broader courses as in-depth supporting material.


Sometimes people want to read the whole book, but sometimes they just want the Cliffsnotes.

Providing quick reference material such as cheat-sheets, checklists and the like can help people to quickly take action and easily refer back to key information at any time.

These are especially useful when it comes to teaching or instilling a process or a system, where your members just want to pattern or model their own activity on an established approach.

Workbooks & Action Plans

There’s a great quote by Herbert Spencer that says “The great aim of education is not knowledge, but action” – and this is something which applies to your membership.

People will join your site in order to achieve or accomplish something. Rarely is the aim to simply increase their knowledge for the sake of it – they want to get something, achieve a goal or get a result. In order to do that, they need to put what they learn into practice.

Providing worksheets, action plans and exercises as key content within your membership is a great way of helping them to do that.

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