In episode 13 of the WP-Tonic podcast, we go over WordPress Camp San Francisco, Meetup Schedules and WordPress Security.

WordPress security is no longer an option; it’s totally necessary. There are about 80 million websites running on WordPress; basically this means that a lot of script kiddies have WordPress on their collective nasty radars. So how do you keep your website nice and secure? In this article I plan to go through 4 steps that I normally follow for my website and my clients’ WordPress websites, to make them more secure. First, I would like to point out that there’s always a balance between security and usability. You can never make a public facing website 100% secure: that’s impossible. And even trying to make it 99% secure can lead to a website that is not usable. You can make a website really secure, but in doing so you can make it a pain in the backside to administrate. What I will be looking at in this article are the things that I do that make site a lot more secure but don’t make you want to pull out your hair.

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