Jon Loomer “Mr. Facebook”

We talk some more to Jon Loomer, “Mr. Facebook”. In the second half of our Jon Looomer interview we cover how to use Facebook and what Jon calls the “The Long Game”. We really enjoyed interviewing Jon he is so, so knowledgeable but also a very down to earth guy!

About Jon

Jon is seen as one of the leading experts on how to use Facebook for business and paid advertisement. Jon has a national and international following what is in the 10s of thousands and has the leading website, blog and podcast connected to giving quality advice on how to use Facebook to grow your business.

As Jon says he is about “The long game.” We totally agree see we feel that there are too many people in the online marketing community who suffer from what we call the “The next big thing synonym.”

Here what Jon says about himself

I’m a digital geek who is decked out in Apple products. I don’t buy all of the latest, greatest gadgets, but I appreciate what I have.

I’m a writer and self taught in basic programming languages, a guy who if told that something can’t be built will try to build it himself. My first “real” job out of college was in insurance, and I stayed in that field for five years. It was a decent living, but something that wasn’t for me. In the meantime, I chased my passions, writing for a popular fantasy sports site before building a loyal following and starting a site of my own in 2001. I taught myself enough programming to make myself dangerous, and I used my expertise in Excel to do the things I couldn’t do as a novice programmer.

I worked hard in insurance, but networked and worked hard in my fields of passion as well. Eventually, that hard work paid off with an offer to oversee fantasy games product and strategy for the National Basketball Association.

This was an amazing opportunity. The position was new, and I helped build the Fantasy Games strategy from the ground up. It involved marketing, advertising, content, product planning and development, website management, publications, promotions and just about anything else that you can imagine. I learned the art of efficient web design, how to assemble an effective content plan and roll out a new product.

Going On My Own

Working for ACS was a passion for me given how closely the disease hit our family, but it was not a good time to be working in marketing for a nonprofit. I made it through a couple of layoffs before my number was called in August of 2011.

I saw getting caught in a layoff as an opportunity. Sure, it was scary, particularly since I need to provide for a family of five. But it was also an opportunity.

After two months of dissatisfaction with the job openings available, I decided to go on my own. This website, started as an interactive resume, transformed into a consulting and digital tutorials destination. I started Jon Loomer Digital and haven’t looked back ever since.

I now apply everything I learned during my valuable work experiences. And I’ve learned an enormous amount more while on my own as I figure out all of the tricks of starting and successfully running my own online business.

This website is my baby. It’s incredibly important to me that it accurately reflects what I know, what I do and who I am. There is no better way to understand what I can do for you than by reading the pages on this site or following me on social media. I practice what I preach.

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