In this episode, we look at the best Stripe payment WordPress plugins. Many developers and customers prefer Stripe over PayPal for its ease of use. Stripe is a third-party payment gateway that provides PCI-compliance for eCommerce websites.

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Billie 4.3 WordPress

After four months of development led by Konstantin Obenland, WordPress 4.3 “Billie” named after jazz singer Billie Holiday, is available for download. This release features menus in the customizer, strong passwords by default, site icons, and variety of other improvements.

Key Improvements

1 – Menus can be edited in the Customizer

2 – Much Stronger passwords functionality

3 – Sit Icons (Favicon) maker

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WordPress Plugins – WordPress Plugin Developers Demand a Better Security Release Process After WordPress 4.2.3 Breaks Thousands of Websites

WordPress 4.2.3, a critical security release, was automatically pushed out to users yesterday to fix XSS vulnerability. Shortly afterwards, the support forums were flooded with reports of websites broken by the update.

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WordPress autop: “A Real Pain in The A**!”

Back when I first started working with WordPress, the most annoying part of blogging was WordPress’ auto-formatting. WordPress would strip out custom attributes, mess with my DIV and paragraph structure, and just generally raise havoc.

wpautop control

Some of the Best Stripe Payment WordPress Solutions

Easy Digital Downloads

At Easy Digital Downloads, we believe in simplicity and we’ve built this plugin to make it super easy to sell downloads. Our code is beautiful and we provide a clean and easy to use interface.

Stripe commercial extra plugin single website $49


Give enables WordPress users and developers to accept donations on their WordPress-powered website with flexibility and minimal barrier to entry.

Solving problems using WordPress has always fascinated us. Whether working on clients or our own products, our team gets excited about improving online user experience while making it easier for clients and users to accomplish their day-day goals.

Stripe commercial extra plugin single website $62.00

Gravity + 

Developer: Naomi C Bush

This set of plugins written by Naomi Bush is the missing link between Stripe and Gravity Forms…I’ve found Naomi to be extremely responsive and helpful when I repeatedly ask inane questions. This upgrade is totally worth it considering the time it would take you to build and maintain recurring donations yourself.

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