This month we going to be taking a deep dive into the world of LMS (Learning Management Systems)with Kim Shivler who is a leading WordPress consultant in how to to develop powerful online LMS with WordPress. We talk all about what WordPress LMS plugins offer the best mixture of power with ease of use from perspective of the beginner to the power user!

About Kim Shivler

(Kim) Shivler, M.Ed. has been a technical trainer and writer for over 20 years. She learned HTML in 1995 building help files as a UNIX system administrator and opened her first web development company in 1996.

Since then, Kim has worked as a business owner and employee in a variety of fields including a few years as part of an IBM worldwide team. Between 2008 and 2012, she worked with a variety of Content Management Systems and ran an online membership site for skincare professionals using Drupal. In 2012, Kim found WordPress and never looked back at any other CMS.

She has been creating online courses in WordPress since 2013 and currently combines her background in education, years of business experience, and WordPress experience to teach others how to build online courses and membership websites. Read More

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