Zac GordonZac Gordon, Alexandria, Virginia

We have a great guest this week Zac Gordon formally chief WordPress instructor at TreeHouse. We have an extensive discussion on WordPress and learning Javascript.

We also discuss what it means to be a front end developer in 2016. What are the real skills you need to get employed in the industry. We then discuss the ” The Dip” by Seth Godin and how you prepare yourself for the Dip when trying to learn something new and quite complicated.

Here’s More Information on Zac

Zac Gordon is a professional educator with years of experience teaching in the classroom, leading workshops, giving talks and recording online courses. He has taught a range of web related topics from design and development to traditional programming and even robotics!

His technological teaching passion is WordPress. He loves being able to empower people to learn how to build sites for themselves that help them promote their own brands, businesses or organizations. For his more advanced students, he loves watching people move from being able to just build sites with the WordPress software to being able to understand how everything works behind the scenes and truly becoming WordPress developers.


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