WordPress & Graphics Tips & Tricks For The None Graphic Designers



This is a big subject but a crucial one that can confuse individuals who are not from a graphic design background. If you want your WordPress powered website or blog to be successful in 2016, and you can’t afford a graphic designer to help ongoing basics you got to understand how to edit and use graphics yourself with WordPress.

Over the next four weeks on the WP-Tonic podcast, we going to be covering as much as we can how to use graphic effectively connected to helping you build your online business in 2016.

The Main Subjects We Cover In This Episode

  • Responsive Images and WordPress
  • SVG Images file format
  • Easy to use graphic tool for the none graphic professionals

WP Tonic YouTube Extra Discussion

You can watch over an hour of additional discussion!

Also, in the last couple of years, mobile devices now dominate how people view your website, so understanding how WordPress works connected to responsive images is imperative.

The good news is that WordPress is on the first front of any CMS related to how it handles responsive images. You can read my full article on this subject here.

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