Podcasting with Jason Tucker of WPwatercooler

JasonTucker2In this episode, we have a discussion with Jason Tucker the host and founder of WPwatercooler. As part of our monthly topic, we discuss how people who are not graphic designers can use graphics with WordPress.

Then we go on and have a deeper discussion on why Jason started WPwatercooler and how much work he puts into this great weekly WordPress show!

WP-Tonic Extra: with Jason Tucker

Here’s more info on Jason

I’m Jason Tucker, a web developer and IT manager for a non-profit. I’ve been using WordPress in some capacity for the last nine years and love working with it.

I enjoy combining my love for WordPress, social media and live streaming to bring my clients an extensive experience for their customers. I’m a member of the OCWP meetup in Orange County, California where I provide live streaming solutions for folks unable to make our meetups. I blog about utilizing audio and video in and with WordPress at WPMedia.Pro, I’m also the host.  


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