Speeding Up WordPress From Slow Old Dog To Young Speed Machine

Speeding Up WordPress From Slow Dog To Speed Machine!


We record a live show on Firetalk every Saturday at 10 am PST with some of our normal great WordPress expert panel regulars. This show was recorded on 07/02/2016 and our main discussion topic is how speed up WordPress from a slow old dog of a website into a young WordPress speed machine!

However, as normal we start our live recorded shows with some WordPress news stories.

WordPress News Stories

1 – Highlights of Matt Mullenweg’s Q&A at WordCamp Europe 2016

In this interview at the WordCamp Europe Matt Mullenweg was asked number of questions connected to the direction he sees WordPress going in the next 18 months. There wasn’t really anything that new in the interview. Mullenweg reiterated that JavasScript was going to be the major part of the future of WordPress in the next couple of years.

However, there were some insightful moments, one was when Matt remarked that he didn’t see Medium as the real threat to WordPress and that he see this role being more played by Tumblr.

I can understand why he feels this, but on the other hand I personally feel that Tumblr lost its way a bit after it was sold to Yahoo. Another surprising moment was that when Matt was told that large percentages of the themes in WordPress’s own theme directory aren’t responsive, he seemed visibly shocked by this information!

2 – Commercial WordPress Product Descriptions Can Mislead Customers into Purchasing More Licenses Than Necessary

I had some mixed feelings about talking about this particular story on WP-Tavern because in some ways it had the tone of typical SEO link bait that you see a lot on line these days. However, the post came from the team at WP-Tavern and generally they do great job giving the WordPress community loads of up-to-date news. When you start reading the comments linked to the post you will find some really interesting insights that I personally thought were worth discussing.

3 – 017 – Interview with Syed Balkhi from OptinMonster on Lead Generation, CRO and ‘Dirty’ Pop-ups

What can I say? I am just a total fanboy of Syed! I have been trying to get him on WP-Tonic for over a year with little success. When he does do an online interview he always brings a load of value and insights connected to effective online marketing. To say he is a over-achiever would be a slight understatement. What I didn’t realize is that Syed is only 25 years old – quite amazing really. I can’t help myself, it makes me feel slightly depressed. Sorry, folks I’m only human!

Main Topic: Speed: How To Turn Your Old Slow WordPress Website Into A Speed Machine

We start the discussion talking about hosting and themes and how these can directly affect the speed of your website. We also discuss these particular areas in a lot of detail in this live show “096 Best WordPress Hosting For Bloggers and Small Businesses” . We move the discussion to the next level on this show when we look at another key area connected to making your website a speed machine.


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