What’s The Difference Between Web Copy and Print Copy?

WordPress What The Difference Between Effective Web Copy and Print Copy

Sallie Goetsch
Brian Jackson
John Locke
Jonathan Denwood

In the first segment, we discussed two WordPress news stories:

Codeable Buys Back Shares From Early Investors, Partners with WooCommerce

One of the interesting facts in this article is that Codeable is growing at 9% per month which is quite the amazing growth level. Some of the panel thought that WooCommerce/Automattic might have their fingers into too many pies at the present moment. I agree with Brian’s remarks that Automattic might becoming a bit like the Wal-Mart of the internet. With Matt Mullenweg  recently saying that he would like to increase the share of all websites on the internet running on WordPress from 25% to 50%. However,  all of us on the panel, thought that this probably wasn’t the greatest idea. Listen or watch the discussion and find out why!

Jetpack alternatives for WordPress: 45+ plugins to get the features without the bloat

Discussing Jetpack always gets a WordPress junkie’s blood pressure rising. I’ve got to be honest, I semi-hate the plugin. However, I love the developer team at Automattic that are behind Jetpack. They have made some great improvements. Unfortunately, I still see it as a complete dog of a WordPress plugin. However, I had the strongest comments of the panel but to partially defend myself, Brian commented that he also wasn’t the greatest lover of this particular plugin.  

What’s The Difference Between Effective Web Copy and Print Copy?

A main point of the discussion is that too many people don’t really understand that writing for a website is very different to print in many ways. However, I’ve been thinking on what we said during the Saturday show. In some ways, there are still some similarities between how we read newspapers and magazines,  and website pages and posts. But, there are also some fundamental differences.

The team went into details on what they collectively see as the key differences between these two mediums. You have to listen to the show to learn more!


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