Robert Abela, WP-Tonic episode 139

We had a great interview with Robert Abela, founder of WP Security Audit Log, a leading WordPress security auditing plugin. His blog at WP White Security is a great resource for learning more about WordPress security. His focus is explaining complex security subjects in a way that common people can understand.

About Robert Abela

Robert is an EU based IT consultant and WordPress Security Professional. He heads the WP White Security team which provides WordPress security services and consultation. He is also the founder and team lead for the plugin WP Security Audit Log, a user monitoring and audit trail plugin.

Can You List 3 to 5 Life Success or Leadership Principles?

1. Do not be afraid to try and fail. You can’t succeed if you don’t fail.

2. Don’t assume.

3. Success does not come easy. If it was easy, everyone would be successful.

4. Lead, do not follow.

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