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Episode Key Points & Links

#1 – The difference between semi-traditional hosting and cloud-based hosting I.e. cloud computing?

#2 – The really is fully managed WordPress hosting?

#3 – Upstanding caching and hosting why is this important when it comes to hosting a membership website?

#4 – Bandwidth & Concurrents insights?

#5 – PHP version why is this importing?

#6 – PHP Workers: What are they and why are they important when it comes to hosting a membership/LMS WordPress website?

#7 – CDN.

————- The Membership Machine Show ————

#1 – Bluehost –

#2 – WP Engine

#3 – GoDaddy

#4 РKinsta

#5 – SiteGround

#6 – Convesio

#7 -Nexcess

#8 – Cloudways

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