James Laws, Co-Founder of Ninja Forms

I hope you enjoy our interview with James Laws, co-founder of Ninja Forms, as much as we did. James exudes a positive attitude on customer service and support, calling it essential for growth.  In this hour-long interview, he shares his insight on growing a product company. What processes must be put in place and when?


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More About James Laws

James Laws Joint Founder of Ninja FormsI’m a simple guy who prefers not to tell people how to introduce him. I will share some about myself, and you can introduce me however you prefer.

I’ve done a little bit of everything in my journey to starting my own business. From working at a nursery to child care, door to door vacuum sales to planting and pastoring a church, part-time freelance web design to full-time product provider.

Currently, my business is fully focused on a little WordPress form builder called Ninja Forms. Recently I have started experimenting with podcasting with Mastermind.fm (started one year ago) and a brand new one called Adventures in Businessing.

Everything I do well is because what I am best at is building, supporting, and coaching a team to work with me.

I’m most passionate about talking about business, support, marketing, and the processes/systems involved with each.

What Are Your Favorite Motivation or Business Books?

This is tough because it tends to come in seasons for me. Currently:

Can You List 3 to 5 Life Success or Leadership Principles?

My number one is to always be a cheerleader. There is a enough complaining and negativity among people and business alike. We all go through hard times. Be a support for others when they are up or down and you invest in your own goodwill.

Take the blame and pass the praise. We have an inside joke at the office that no-one gets credit for an idea. It always gets assigned to someone else. This keeps us humble and reminds that we do work in a vacuum, but as part of team with broader implications. Failures are exactly the opposite. When something goes wrong we all take responsibility and never point the finger at someone else.

Success is the product of tenacity, reflection, and a willingness to change. Because of this you need to work on endurance, self awareness, and humility.

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