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This week, the WP-Tonic Roundtable featured an almost full house. Morten Rand-Hendriksen, Sallie Goestch, Lee Jackson, Mendel Kurland, John Locke, Kim Shivler, and special guest Tom McCraken joined host Jonathan Denwood to discuss Morten’s article on the upcoming WordPress Gutenberg editor and learn more about what Google Analytics can tell us about our WordPress websites.

The panel has discussed the upcoming Gutenberg editor several times. This week’s discussion was brought about based on an article written by Morten
( that was then picked up by WPTavern (, triggering a series of comments. Matt Mullenweg joined in on the WPTavern comments giving some good insight into his thoughts behind the new editor.

Special Guest Tom McCracken was here to provide insight into our main topic, Understanding Behavior Flow in Google Analytics. Tom’s company has created the IntelligenceWP plugin designed to help companies make sense of their analytics.


Tom shared some of the basic mistakes people make when configuring Google Analytics for their WordPress website along with how to go beyond the basic configuration to measure what people are actually doing on your site. Are they watching your videos, and if so how deep are they going in the video? Where are they spending time on the site and how are they interacting. When configured properly, you can set goals and measure these more meaningful interactions than just counting page views.

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