This week Adan Fout, Sallie Goetsch, Chris Badgett, Adam Preiser, and Morten Rand-Hendriksen joined host Jonathan Denwood to discuss Tips and Tricks for Creating Successful Information Products.

The biggest key is to create quality content that provides value for your customer. The group mentioned sometimes you give your email to someone and find that the giveaway is fluff.

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One question arose on whether there are specific types of content that are better suited for information products and if a specific length is recommended. The clear answer was that different audiences may prefer different types and length of content, and that the situation for content may change this interest. Some people like to read content, and the current “long reads” trend gives people an easy way to consume written content in a distraction free environment. Many times when people want to learn something fast, they may be looking for a quick video. On a long run or car trip, an hour+ podcast or even audiobook may be preferred.

It was pointed out that the term Information Products is a bit outdated. The world is shifting. Access to information over the Internet has been around for many years, and it’s no longer a novelty. People want results. If you are providing information make sure it is focused to deliver the results your visitor desired.

Before you start creating a product, you need to decide How do you define success for the product? Are you trying to make money, generate leads, build trust or authority? Depending on your answer, the strategy may differ. You need to define you business model before you start.

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Adam Preiser: from WPCrafter

Sallie Goetsch: from WP Fangirl

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Chris Badgett: fromLIFTERLMS

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