Patrick Rauland joined Jonathan Denwood and Kim Shivler to discuss WooCommerce and WooCommerce Memberships on Episode 275 of the WP-Tonic podcast.

Patrick was part of the WooThemes development support team and he delivered great information for all things WooCommerce in this episode.

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Highlights from the episode include Patrick’s advice to build your first WooCommerce site very simply. Use the Storefront theme and the official plugins for payment along with the basic shipping options.

Patrick also recommended some add ons for WooCommerce –

Patrick is in the process of offering several webinars about WooCommerce in conjunction with iThemes. Find out more at:

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Patrick Rauland is obsessed with eCommerce. He’s built sites for clients, he was on the WooThemes support team, he was on the WooCommerce development team, and then he was Product Manager for WooCommerce and lead three releases. Now he creates online courses for LinkedIn Learning & writes books telling people how they can rock the world with eCommerce & WooCommerce.

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