#454 WP-Tonic Round-Table Show on Friday 13th of December, 2019 at 8:30am PST

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#1 – Gutenberg: One Year Later by Chris Hughes


#2 – A social media influencer will serve 14 years in prison after his plot to take over a website at gunpoint backfired


#4 – Uber’s first ever safety report discloses 3,045 sexual assaults and nine murders in the US last year


#5 – Zero BS CRM 3.0 Improves UI, Changes Database Structure, and Becomes More Extendable


#6 -I Worked for Alex Jones. I Regret It.


The Panel Recommendations of The Week

Jonathan Denwood: starting at around $6.000: https://www.apple.com/mac-pro/

Spencer Forman: Share Logins Across Multiple Sites https://wordpress.org/plugins/share-logins/

Chris Badgett: Podcast Startups For The Rest of Us https://www.startupsfortherestofus.com/

Vito Peleg: SVG Animation Creator https://www.svgator.com/

Joe Casabona: WASD 104-Key Custom Mechanical Keyboard https://www.wasdkeyboards.com/products/mechanical-keyboards/custom-printed-keyboards.html

Our Regular Panel Members

John Locke Lockedown SEO
Sallie Goetsch wpfangirl.com
Chris Badgett lifterlms.com
Spencer Forman wplaunchify.com
Matt Medeiros matt-report.com
Adrian Tobey groundhogg.co
jonathan Denwood wp-tonic.com
Joe Casabona casabona.org

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