What Are The Best Membership Pricing Models For 2023

With Special Guest Kurt von Ahnen of Manananomas

Your membership model can be compared to a business plan. It establishes the framework for how you will use and collect membership payments. It also influences a variety of facets of your business, including:

Tiers of membership, including possibilities for groups and individuals
Sources of income besides membership fees
Marketing requirements and pursuits
Webinars, events, and additional membership perks
Physical products

For instance, Amazon Prime is a corporate membership that offers its paying customers access to streaming services, free delivery, and other savings.

Different membership levels can be incorporated into membership structures, offering incentives to members who want to pay higher subscriptions.

#1 – Introduction

#2 – The Drip Feed

This is perhaps the best-known membership model and involves a monthly payment for access to a private members area with new content added each month.

#3 – The ‘All-In’ Membership

Unlike a drip feed model, this type of membership site gives access to everything straight away, which is great for impatient people like me who don’t like waiting for the next piece of the puzzle.

#4 – The Online Course

A membership site is a brilliant way to run an online course, keeping all of your information safe behind a private membership wall.

#5 – The Online Community

Social websites are becoming more and more popular and are easy to create with the proliferation of membership, forums, and social plugins out there.

#6 – Cohorts

This kind of membership site has a fixed membership period (this could be anything from 7 days to 12 months), and at the end of that period of time, your commitment and membership are over.

#7 – The Product Model

Frequently, we may see a digital product being delivered via a membership site, either as a protected download or protected online content.

#8 – The Service Model

This is the opposite of a product membership and is purely based on the delivery of a service.

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