Are you looking for innovative ways to scale your service business?

Look no further! Our informative show will show you exactly how to implement the membership model for long-term success. From creating irresistible offers to nurturing customer relationships, we’ll guide you through every step of the process. Take control of your revenue streams and unlock endless growth opportunities.

With Special Guest Kurt von Ahnen of Manananomas.

#1 – What’s so wrong with offering services to clients?

Often, you’re trading time for money, selling your particular set of skills to whoever will pay you. And If you go down, your business goes down with you.

Not feeling too good? Tough luck; you’ve got a deadline to hit! Want to take time off to hang with friends? Well, that’s just fine as long as you’re okay with not getting paid this month.

#2 – Advantages of switching to the membership model

Better leverage – creating a membership website around a specific topic enables you to make the most of your knowledge, experiences, skills, and expertise. You’re in control, and whether you’re offering e-learning, a coaching program, or a community – you get to tap into the full extent of your toolkit and share it with others.

#3 – Identifying opportunities for moving from services to membership

When looking to move to a membership-based business from a client service one, there are essentially two ways you can go:

#4 – Identify the most common elements of what you currently offer

What services are you most frequently asked for?

Figuring out the most universal aspects of what it is you offer and what your clients want is a great starting point for identifying opportunities to create a membership product.

#5 – What are the unique elements and assets within your existing business?

Have you created or developed anything unique to your business that others could not offer?

If you’re a designer, have you created any graphics that you could offer to members?

#6 – What do people need before, during, and after they’ve worked with you?

Often, when providing services on a one-to-one basis, we find ourselves only delivering one piece of the puzzle. Clients typically don’t realize they need any of the other stuff.

#7 – What would you have wanted when you were starting your business?

So far, we’ve mostly looked at finding a way of serving your existing customer base better with a membership; however, there could be a huge opportunity to create something for your peers, too. Often, those starting their own business do so because they have a particular skill or passion, and in a lot of cases, they don’t start out with any business or marketing skills.

#8 – Your first steps for making the transition

With the decision made to move your business towards the membership model and opportunities identified for what that membership will look like, how do you get started?

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