Every Friday at 8:30 am PST we host the WP-Tonic Round-table Show where we discuss the latest WordPress and the general web news of the week. You can also watch the show LIVE on our WP-Tonic’s Facebook page.

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This Weeks Special Guest Panelist

Vito Peleg: https://atarim.io/blog/business-wordpress-rocknroll-the-story-of-vito-peleg/

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Castos: https://castos.com/

PeachPay: https://peachpay.app

LaunchFlows: https://launchflows.com/

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This Week’s Articles That We Discuss During The Show

#1 – 800+ Million WordPress Users Records Leaked Online


#2 – Fired by Bot at Amazon: ‘It’s You Against the Machine’


#3 – I’ve moved to Gutenberg completely

Embracing Gutenberg Completely

#4 – Amazon says new FTC chair shouldn’t regulate it because she’s too mean


#5 – Universal themes: Some ideas

Universal themes: Some ideas

#6 – The auto industry is distancing itself from Tesla in response to the new crash reporting rule


Panel Recommendations of the Week

Jonathan Denwood:WooFunnels Marketing Automation for WooCommece: https://buildwoofunnels.com/wordpress-marketing-automation-autonami

Heather Renze: (EWWW Image Optimizer) AppSumo Deal: https://appsumo.com/products/ewww-image-optimizer/

Sallie Goestch: Clipping Magic: Magically Remove Image Backgrounds: https://clippingmagic.com/ | Gigapixel AI “Enhance Image Details and Resolution by 600%: https://www.topazlabs.com/gigapixel-ai

Vito Peleg: MyWebAudit: https://www.mywebaudit.com/home |

Spencer Forman: CopterPack First Flight https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PRfV5TvRjEA

Andrew Palmer: WSForms https://wsform.com/

Our Regular Panel Members

Andrew Palmer Andrew Palmer
John Locke LockedownSEO.com
Sallie Goetsch wpfangirl.com
Spencer Forman wplaunchify.com
Jonathan Denwood wp-tonic.com
Steven Sauder ZipFish
Heather Renze Heather Wild

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