This Month WordPress & Tech Stories That We Discuss

#1 – What’s New In WordPress 6.2: Browse Mode, Style Book, Improved Navigation Menus, New APIs, and Much More

#2 – Stack Overflow joins Reddit and Twitter in charging AI companies for training data

#3 – WordPress AI: Generative content & blocks pt. 1

WordPress AI: Generative content & blocks pt. 1

#4 – Startup founder (Charlie Javice) accused of tricking JPMorgan charged with $175 million fraud

#5 – SpaceX’s Starship rocket lifts off for inaugural test flight but explodes in midair

#6 – What does an ex-Pharma Bro do next? If it’s Shkreli, it’s an AI Dr bot.

This Months Special Guest Panelists

Jonathan Wold

Regular Monthly Panel

Heather Wilde Renze

Chris Badgett

Spencer Forman

Kurt von Ahnen

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