With Special Guest Panelist Katie Keith Co-Founder & CEO Barn2 & Brian Jackson of Forgemedia

Are you looking for the latest news on WordPress and Technology? Look no further! Join us in this podcast for a special roundtable show discussing the hottest stories from this month.

Our panel of experts will break down each story and explain why it matters to WordPress developers. Get ready to learn about all the new releases and innovations – you don’t want to miss out. Tune in now and stay up-to-date with everything happening in the world of WordPress and Technology!

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Episode Links

#1 – WordPress Co-Founder Matt Mullenweg on the Ai REVOLUTION

#2 – No Mercy / No Malice: Techno-Narcissism


#3 – Reusable Blocks Renamed to Patterns with Synced and Non-Synced Options

Reusable Blocks Renamed to Patterns with Synced and Non-Synced Options

#4 – Seth Godin’s new manifesto


#5 – WordPress Confirms 8 Pilot Events to Launch the Next Generation of WordCamps in 2023

#6 – Biden lines up $42.5B for US broadband boost


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