Don’t miss out on this week’s live discussion! Join us on Thursday as we delve into the newest WordPress and tech articles that have been making waves this month. Our stellar panel of regular and special guests, including Justin Tadlock and Devin Walker, will provide expert insights and opinions on these topics.

This Month, Special Guest Panelists

Justin Tadlock & Devin Walker

Our Regular Monthly Panel

Heather Wilde Renze


Chris Badgett


Spencer Forman


Kurt von Ahnen



In this week’s show, we discuss

#1 – Proposal: Host 3rd-Party Blocks in Gutenberg’s GitHub Repository

Matias Ventura, Gutenberg’s Lead Architect, recently made a pitch to incorporate some 3rd-party blocks in the Gutenberg GitHub repository.

Proposal: Host non-bundled Blocks in Gutenberg’s GitHub Repository

#2 – A lot of Redditors hate the Reddit IPO


#3 – WP Tavern Launches Writer Hunger Games

WP Tavern Launches Writer Hunger Games


#4 – Corporate Ozempic

Corporate Ozempic


#5 – GutenBricks & Bricks Builder: The Ultimate Design Duo For Clients

GutenBricks – Use Bricks Builder Template as Gutenberg Blocks


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